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The Fat Blast Boot Camp was set up by Debbie who is a personal trainer based in North Yorkshire.   Debbie's vision was to combine her love of group training with the joy of delivering personal training results which she has achieved with the boot camp.  The Camp is a four week programme with three, forty-five minute training sessions per week along with a nutritional program to follow plus recipes and much more. 

In April of 2009 Debbie set up the Fat Blast Boot Camp and the camps have been held in both indoors and outdoor locations, the favourite has been outdoors.  After a period of travel, Debbie has returned to re-ignite the camps and help women with her knowledge and expertise to drop fat fast, feel great and regain confidence.   The camps have helped hundreds of women drop several pounds of unwanted fat as well as drop a dress size in 28 days or less.  Although Debbie does have an army background, her training style is not the military style shouting to motivate her participants.

The aim of the Fat Blast Boot Camp is to help women get fit, lose weight, feel good about themselves and their achievements mentally, as well as education on health and wellbeing so that they are armed with the tools for a happy and healthy lifestyle long term.

Since the camps started they have been involved in lots of charity work and have raised considerable amounts of money for charities such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity, Help for Heroes, British Legion and many more.

Debbie - 'The Boss'
Founder of Fat Blast Boot Camp

Hi, I'm Debbie and I run the Fat Blast Boot Camp North Yorkshire, I won't bore you with my full life story but just highlight a few parts, I've always loved fitness, as a child sprinting was my favourite - I also loved netball and hockey.  As a teen I rebelled a bit over the years and dropped out of my sixth form college course where I was studying health and social care, I also lost my love of fitness. 

I joined the army at seventeen (just a few weeks before my eighteenth) to turn my life around and pursue a career, I had wanted to become a nurse growing up however as there was no nurse intakes, I started out in Admin. I ran cross county and played netball again, took part in loads of fitness sessions (I'd often attend 3 circuit training sessions a day - not recommended if you want a healthy body long term by the way!), it's safe to say my love of fitness was back, I'd also started learning more about nutrition too so was eating a lot healthier.

In 2004 I started training to become a nurse, however after almost a year in training I found that it just  wasn't the vocation for me long term and requested to withdraw from nurse training and also leave the military. I used this experience and transferred the knowledge to train to become a Personal Trainer. I also became a Boxercise instructor whilst still serving.  My final months in the military were spent gaining knowledge and experience within the army gyms as well as doing hospital administration and running fitness sessions for my friends and peers.

After leaving the army, I worked within a gym environment for several years before setting up the boot camps, I also met my husband in 2016 and we now have two great children.  The camps grew to several locations and had great success in helping people, but I overworked myself over the years and the stress had begun to show. I barely slept and started having less and less time for myself. My work, life, family balance had completely gone out of synch and it had started to take it's toll on my mental health too. When my husband left the army and we were trying to decide what to do in terms of our future, we chose to travel for some time and try a different way of life and see if it was for us.

After spending some time working overseas in a a gym and running boot camps which were both women only, I found myself spending more time researching and learning more about the problems we, as women face, especially when things such as stress, lack of sleep etc. can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing.  I also spent some time writing courses and instructing other fitness professionals how to run boot camp classes, another passion of mine.  When I returned to the UK I was asked to set up the camps again, although the formula is pretty much the same, it became a female only environment, on top of this I had evolved as a coach too.

As a mum of two, wife and business owner I totally understand the challenges faced with a busy life, that's why I have found that the 3 x 45 minutes per week is perfect, plus you're surrounded by likeminded women who are also rooting for you to succeed (and we might have a giggle from time to time!), the workouts are challenging but results driven, it's been the most effective form of exercise and nutrition for me to follow myself when I have put on a few pounds here and there (I am human lol).

Over the years I have spent extensive time and money studying fitness, nutrition and mindset along with loads of personal and professional experience and am honoured to be able to put everything I have learnt and practiced into my programmes to help other fabulous women, just like you, to make positive, long term, lifestyle changes.

My Boot Camp Formula and Overall Mantra for your success, wellness and happiness:

Well, Fit, Women.


Boot Camp Coach


Ian is an Ex army PTI and a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and a level 2 sports coach, boxercise and Kick Boxercise instructor with a vast background in the fitness industry, he spent about twelve years as a PTI in the Army and has run sessions for the boot camp since we starte.  Ian loves running and playing Rugby, hill walking and weight training. 


Ian loves teaching boot camp sessions and his slogan is 'it's not meant to tickle' he has also written many of the boot camp session plans.

Ian is also a level two sports coach.

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