Thinking of joining the boot camp? Read this!

If you're thinking of joining the Boot Camp here are some golden nuggets for you to follow to get the best results:

One - follow the nutrition

This is without a doubt the leading factor when it comes to getting the results that we do. Your body finds it very difficult to process some of the rubbish in our everyday diet, so to help it function properly we cut out some of the top inflammatory foods for a period of time.

The nutrition is also about regaining health, how many of you find it hard to get up on a morning or struggle with constant headaches, back aches, asthma etc? This can help to restore the bodies health and help it function how it should be. When you experience true health you are rarely sick and you can jump out of bed on a morning with loads of energy!

Note for my Boot campers - If you're not following the nutrition at the minute, DO IT NOW, not tomorrow or the next day but NOW.

Two - Follow the nutrition

Yep already mentioned that one but I'm telling you again, that's how important it is!

Three - Take before photo (and after)

If you don't get a picture of yourself before you start how are you going to know just how much difference your hard work has made? Sure your clothes may feel looser but wouldn't it be great if you could see that shrinking before your very own eyes? You would just need a FRONT, SIDE and BACK, it doesn't have to be in bra and knickers it can be shorts and crop top, leggings and a vest, anything where you can see your body shape.

Four - Set a goal and commit to achieving it

If you haven't set yourself a goal how do you know what you are working towards? What's going to motivate you to get out of bed on a morning? What's going to stop you at that moment of weakness?

Goals are SO important, if your goal is to drop a dress size or two within the month then you need to carry out the necessary action needed, work backwards from that end goal, for example 'to lose 2 dress sizes (4 inches) in a month that would be 1 each two weeks (or 1 inch per week), to be sure I get there i must follow the nutrition plan TO THE LETTER, turn up to the sessions and PUSH MY SELF OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE, I will remind myself that my health and well being is much more important than missing a few nights out on the tiles with my mates'.

After all when you've got to the shape you want, wouldn't that be the best time to go out and wow all of your friends? When you feel super confident?

I saw on TV once that a study showed that several women would be happy to give up one year of their life to get the body that they want - so what's a few nights in and being disciplined over a couple of months?

Five - Turn up to your sessions and SMASH it

It's all well and good signing up to the boot camp but if you need to come to the sessions too, the sessions are worked in a system so that there is 3 separate sessions each week to work different area's of the body and challenge the body in different ways, if you're missing one of these sessions you're just not going to get the fab results you could.

Also, you need to do more than just turn up to the session, each time you need to bring your best and throw yourself into it, push yourself out of that comfort zone each time and see your fitness come on in leaps and bounds as well as your body shape changing.

SIX - Leave the excuses at home!

Ok so you'll see the ones on the camp who will get the results and the ones who you know could do so much better. The ones that get the results are the ones that show up to each session, even if they've been up the night before with a screaming child, got a headache or had trouble at home and are upset, most of the time they will still be there ready to smash it at their training. If you are tired, crankie, had a heavy weekend and don't really feel like coming to the camp - give yourself a good talking to and get into the mindset of knowing that you will feel much better for it and it's another step closer to your goal.

You've got to think to yourself before signing up - JUST HOW BADLY I YOU WANT IT?

I am here to support, educate, guide (and sometimes give you that kick up the bum if needed), but the real work comes from you, so if you're ready to leave the excuses at home and get into great shape then jump on board our next camp (if the dates aren't live on the site, just add your name to the box on the website to be the first to hear).


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