5 Essential Weight Loss Tips - Nutrition

Often diet and weight loss can be difficult, there's so much conflicting advice out there:

High carb low fat, low carb high fat, paleo, keto, 5/2, elimination, etc. each person is different and will get different results from each plan because 'one mans food is another mans poison'.

The main thing that most diets try to promote is to eat regular protein, reduce sugars and processed foods, increase vegetable intake - mainly from green leafy vegetables and ensure that you choose good fats, drink lots of water and consume a lower amount of calories overall.

Sometimes we can confuse things and start over thinking about diet and nutrition so these are the fundamentals that you should be following when it comes to losing weight, not only with diet but lifestyle changes too, where nutrition is concerned here's 5 things that will help you in your weight loss journey.

Eat lots of protein

Protein is not only filling, our bodies need it for repair and regrowth of muscles, skin health, hair and nails and much more, it's our bodies building blocks for regeneration and regrowth so it makes sense to eat it regularly, eat it with each meal. One of my campers asked me the other day what she could have as a snack and in the past I've said apple with nut butter or a natural bio-yogurt, which would still be great, but I also recommend eating a piece of chicken (add spices to make it tasty) or a boiled egg is a great snack to fight off the hunger until the next meal. Ideally however, you should be satisfied enough at each meal to not really need a snack in between.

Bulk your meals out with vegetables

If you bulk your meals out with vegetables you will be fuller for longer, add lots of spinach and some tomatoes with your eggs on a morning, try replacing pasta / rice with vegetable options, not only will this bring the overall calorie content of the meal down, vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals too.

Drink lots of water and herbal drinks

Drinking water helps to keep you fuller throughout the day, most of the time when I mention water to my clients, they admit they aren't drinking enough. drinks that contain caffeine can be a diuretic therefore you may need to drink more water to counter balance this.

Include good quality fats

It's vital for your health to be including good quality fats into your diet, this is because some vitamins are fat soluble only. Good quality oils and fats for cooking such as butter, coconut oil - even good quality animal fat (lard). Other good oils can include olive oil or flaxseed oil. Including nuts and seeds are also great, but remember they are high in fat content so you only need a small amount, same with avocados, they are great and nutrient dense and have great health benefits, but you don't need to eat vast amounts of them.

Eat Mindfully - Stop when you are satisfied

As often as you can, take the time to sit and enjoy your food, focus on each mouthful, chew each mouthful and take in the tastes and smells. Then when you are satisfied, stop. A healthy diet should be about feeling satisfied rather than feeling like you're starving yourself.

You can still enjoy the foods you love, by just making some small adaptions you can see a huge difference.

Don't over complicate things when it comes to eating a healthy diet, you need to make sure that for it to work long term it has to suit you on a daily basis, therefore you will keep consistent long term.

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