Let's Talk Hormones and Taking Charge of your Health

My own results from 2017

Let's talk hormones and taking charge of your health and fitness

Since having my son Dexter I've had a few issues regarding my hormones, mental health and monthly cycle, I speak of this openly because I like to show you that I too have struggles when it comes to overall health at times too.

Just recently my husband phoned me, he'd seen something on telly and it was discussing PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder), I looked it up and can see some similarities and can understand why he called me (he sees me at my best and at my worst lol!). However, although the similarities may be there, I know it's not me, my moods and hormones can also be down to lifestyle choices and factors out of our control.

*In the past I've done extreme diets and over trained, mostly prior to becoming a PT (and at times as a PT too!).

*I've over drunk alcohol and ate a poor diet, especially when I was in the army!

*I smoked for a number of years.

*I was on contraceptive pill for a number of years.

*I have moved 5 times in the last 5 years, two of them to the other side of the world!

*For the first 4-5 years of Dexter's life, we rarely got a full night sleep because he literally either wouldn't go to sleep or woke several times a night! (If you've met Dexter, you know, if not he's VERY busy haha).

*I spent up to 18 hours a day working on and in my business and then hardly sleeping because I was thinking about work.

*i"ve grieved for loved ones and had other things out of my control that affect stress levels.

Plus much more!

Here's the deal, we all have things and circumstances that happen that can lead us to put on weight, cause us to have poor mental health at times and also to feel extreme fatigue and tiredness. This may mess up our hormones on some level, but we also have it within us to make the changes needed to work on our health and reverse much of the damage caused by stress etc.

I know, because I've lived it and still do!

This is why I do our boot camps outdoors, because it gives us all fresh air and helps us to sleep better at night, also the exercise element is effective for relieving stress and increasing metabolism, plus the community of wonderful ladies we have all make connections and spur each other on, and form good friendships.

The nutrition information I give is based on years of investment to learn, thousands of hours of reading, courses etc, I know that it can help to rebalance our hormones. So I say without a shadow of a doubt because I KNOW IT WORKS.

I give you the tools, but ultimately the only person who is responsible for getting results is you.

If you're not being consistent, you're not getting the results you could be.

If you're eating well on a week day yet binging on the weekend on alcohol and junk food, you're not going to get the results you could be.

If you're drinking 10 cups of coffee a day and getting stressed and anxious, you're not getting the results you could be.

If you're making excuses and talking yourself out of exercise - you're not getting the results you could be.

If you're stressing about your weight/size and getting pissed off then giving up - you're not getting the results you could be.

How many of you have turned up to camp/fitness session and really could not be arsed? 🙋

How many of you complete the session and are pleased you came along and feel better for it? 🙋

How many of you know you feel better and have more energy when you eat well and drink more water? 🙋

I'm not here to chase you up and force you to do fitness sessions etc, I'm here to show you what works for great overall health, help you to improve each session and get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. You can't do that if you're not showing up either at boot camp, Personal Training or following an online programme from home.

6 easy steps will get you to where you are now to where you want to be:

1. Get into the right mindset.

2. Set your goal

3. Carry out the exercise programme.

4. Focus on eating right

5. Focus on positive mental attitude (remove I can't and stop making constant excuses)

6. Being consistent.

So give me a yes if you're taking charge of your health and fitness or are ready to right now ✋✋✋

Much love

Debbie XX

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